Together, we can ensure that West Virginia thrives, and our children can build their futures right here at home.

About the Candidate


    Barbara, originally from Long Island, New York, relocated to  Kearneysville, West Virginia in 2007 with her husband and children after he retired from the Air Force. Barbara is a dedicated and passionate individual whose life journey has taken her on various paths, all driven by a strong commitment to her family, community, and personal goals.


    Barbara is happily married to a retired Air Force veteran, with whom she has raised a wonderful family of four children. Her household is always bustling with the energy of three young adults who are still at home, including two girls aged 34 and 19, and two boys aged 22 and 21.


In her pursuit of higher education and career aspirations, Barbara is diligently working towards her BS in Law and Policy, with a clear vision of attending law school and ultimately becoming an attorney and arbitrator. Though she may not hold a job in the traditional sense at the moment, she channels her passion into volunteering and other impactful endeavors.


    One of Barbara's most unique and heartfelt contributions is her role as a genealogist and "search Angel." This involves using her expertise to help adopted individuals trace their roots and connect with their biological families by creating detailed family trees from their DNA. This work brings hope and closure to those seeking their origins.


In addition to her commitment to her family and academic pursuits, Barbara is deeply engaged in her local community. She shares her knowledge and talents by teaching art to elementary-age homeschoolers at a Co-Op where she also holds a position on the board of directors. Her passion for community service and civic involvement is evident in her past service on the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee for four years.


    Recently, Barbara embarked on a new and exciting journey by running for public office, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her conservative values and her pro-life stance. Although her school board campaign may not have resulted in election, it served as a catalyst for her to fulfill her dream. She has now set her sights on the West Virginia Legislature, running for the Delegate position vacated by Delegate Espinosa, driven by a desire to make positive changes in her state's legislative landscape.


In a world where many aspire to make a difference, Barbara stands out as a dynamic, compassionate, and driven individual who is actively pursuing her goals, making an impact in her community, and aiming to leave a lasting mark on the world through her dedication to her values and principles.